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Desmond/Zhenyuan Liu

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I am a research intern at IST Austria, advised by Prof. Bernd Bickel. I graduated from CUHK with a BSc. in Computer Science (first class honors) in July 2021. I also spent some time with Tencent as a backend engineer intern. Check my resume for more information.

Research Projects

My research interest lies in the intersection of computer graphics and machine learning.

An unexpected plot from my fabrication project
An unexpected plot from my fabrication project

Currently, I am working with Prof. Bernd Bickel and Prof. Fu Chi Wing, on a fabrication project. We are studying a new way to analyze the stress over a multi-joint assembly, and optimization of its structural rigidity.

In year 2020, I received Professor Charles Kao Scholarship and worked with Prof. Anand Sarwate at Rutgers University, on computation efficient neural networks. Before that, I’ve also explored another research topic on NLP with Prof. Michael Lyu.

An ongoing side project on color quantization (tribute to Pink Floyd!)
An ongoing side project on color quantization (tribute to Pink Floyd!)

Side Projects

I like to work on personal projects on the side, for the maximized freedom there I have to “hack” (break things without getting burned; write no documentation; use no Java). Check them out through the links and please consider to give a star on GitHub if you find any one of them interesting.

  • TimeWalk: Get your coding metrics! An extensible coding statistics tracking engine. VSCode plugin available.
  • Slurmmy: Scripts that automate slurm jobs submission, maximize your slurm cluster usage.


When I’m not scratching my head in the lab, I enjoy playing with my camera. I’ve been slowly and painstakingly working on my photo website, just in case you’re interested, it can be found here.

I also like playing boardgames and making cocktails (and drinking them).